Services: Infrastructure and Land Development

Subsurface Mapping

Detailed mapping of subsurface structure for construction, land development and risk assessment including:

  • Geological mapping for the determination of overburden thickness and depth to bedrock - GPR, MASW and Seismic Refraction
  • Identification of cap rock, clay layers or intermediate soft or hard layers - MASW and ERI
  • Location of isolated features such as cavities and voiding, boulder floaters, dykes, sills, fracture zones, palaeochannels and karst formations - MASW, GPR and ERI

Geotechnical Parameters

Determination of geotechnical parameters to assist in the earthworks and construction design including:

  • Assessment of material strength including ground compaction and rock strength for determination of rippability and pile/footing design - MASW and seismic refraction
  • Calculation of geotechnical parameters including shear modulus and Young’s modulus via measurement of P- and S-wave velocities using seismic methods - Seismic Refraction, MASW, VSP or borehole tomography
  • Determination of in-situ electrical properties for earthing design - Electrical resistivity and thermal resistivity
  • Determination of liquefaction potential within seismically active regions - MASW and ReMi

Water Infrastructure

Detailed mapping of subsurface structure for construction, land development and risk assessment including:

Mining and Energy

Subsurface assessment specific to the mining, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors including:

  • Delineation of magnetic ore bodies - Magnetometer
  • Design, remediation and monitoring of Tailing storage Facilities - ERI, TDEM, FDEM and MASW
  • Design of vibrating mine processing infrastructure - MASW
  • Location of historic mine workings - GPR, ERI and FDEM.
  • Site evaluation for wind and solar farm sites including investigations for wind turbine footing design - Seismic and electrical methods

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Consider a 'Tailings First' approach for your facility and avoid creating a potentially catastrophic risk for the environment.
GBG combines industry-proven geophysical methods, geotechnical physical characterisation, hydrogeological modeling and assessment, and airborne methods for point-based data capture in assessing your requirements. Talk to us today for more information regarding this essential service for your tailings facility.

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