Electrical & Electromagnetic

The GBG Group has a full suite of electrical and electromagnetic equipment. The techniques can be used in groundwater location, fracture mapping, waste dump imaging, contamination plume detection resource exploration and many more applications.

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Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a non-destructive and non-invasive geophysical technique for rapidly imaging the shallow subsurface and producing high-resolution colour sections in real-time. The method works by transmitting electromagnetic energy into the material being tested (usually the ground). Typically 100,000 impulses per second are transmitted which are of very short duration and constrain a broad spectrum of frequencies.

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Non-Destructive Testing

GBG has decades of experience in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and is skilled in most techniques. We have staff who are ACRA-accredited concrete repairers. Our investigation engineers are skilled in drafting in CAD to give you comprehensive drawings of the internal composition of concrete structures, or the dimensions of timber elements.

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Potential Methods

GBG Group has full capability for surveys measuring the earth’s potential field. Gravity surveyed either regional or microgravity, land magnetics, gradiometer or marine magnetic surveys. Uses of these techniques are mineral resource exploration or delineation, void location, dyke location, UXO location, contaminant location and dredging clearance.

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Seismic Methods

GBG has experience in multiple seismic techniques for on- and off-shore applications. Refraction techniques can model rock depth and strength, MASW gives engineering properties of the subsurface as well as detecting karstic features quickly and easily. Our downhole seismic methods can be useful where a small site restricts the access for long survey lines.

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Tailings Management: Get in touch

Consider a 'Tailings First' approach for your facility and avoid creating a potentially catastrophic risk for the environment.
GBG combines industry-proven geophysical methods, geotechnical physical characterisation, hydrogeological modeling and assessment, and airborne methods for point-based data capture in assessing your requirements. Talk to us today for more information regarding this essential service for your tailings facility.

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GBG has completed over 1000 projects since its conception with multiple stakeholders and countless clients. GBG is proud to showcase some of these projects.

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